Oracle APEX - The All in One Platform #JoelKallmanDay

I have been using Oracle APEX since 2011. Initially, I started using it as a parallel development platform through which I could create quick win applications. Over the years , I have witnessed great journey of Oracle APEX which forced me to consider this platform for mission critical application development. During my journey with APEX , I went through lot of contents from one of the most vibrant and helpful community members. But, There was one passionate community leader who has been great inspiration for every one out there. The great Joel Kallman. 

Joel has expressed many times his overall vision through community posts, conferences and tweets. With constant efforts of Joel and whole APEX team , we could now see more growing career options for APEX. APEX is now considered as All in One Platform which offers everything you need when you want to develop enterprise grade application. At the same time, Organizations have experienced real benefits of such a great platform and this is another reason behind the overall success.

In the below picture,  I have tried to summarize all development and administration areas of APEX. Personally , I have worked on most of the areas as per development requirements. But, It requires more focused approach and specific skills to get expertise in respective areas. So, we may witness hiring of APEX developers or administrators in specific areas due to scale of APEX applications. As per my experience , you can not be mastered in all areas. But, we must be aware about capabilities of APEX platform to choose our area of interest. Moreover, all emerging APEX developers should be aware about all such options. To spread awareness , I thought to share on this wonderful day and pay tribute to Joel. 

I would really like to thank Jole for inspiring us and making our lives better with  APEX. I really wish that APEX will continue its success to bring digital transformation through out the world.  

In the coming days, I will try to give more insight into each areas of development and administration with an example for those who have just started with APEX. This will also be useful who wants to understand power of platform and convey the power to every one. 


  1. Good picture, I believe there is also Job Scheduling as well, maybe it fits in the BPMN Workflow. Whats DMS? So, the natural question is, how does one specialise in some of these not so usual paths like Mobile & Hybrid development, ETL & Integration, GIS/Spatial, Block Chain, do we have enough learning material and sample projects on these?

    1. Job Scheduling can be part of BPMN and Administration as well. Actually, There could be another category of development APEX - RPA(Robotic Process Automation). As of now , I have considered as a part of BPMN workflow. The DMS stands for Document Management Systems. E.g As a part of workflow , If a user attaches document then where those documents should be stored? Using APEX, we can store those documents in Database or OS Directory or Cloud Object Storage. So, when ever we design workflow then we must also wisely think about where those documents should be stored.

      As far as other paths are concerned , There are various blogs and recordings available to use a reference. Moreover, APEX is riding on Oracle Database. So, what ever is part of Oracle DB then it becomes part of APEX as well. But, I will try to summarize in upcoming blog posts.


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